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This table lists, in ascending time order, all completions of the 'inclement weather course' at Coast to Kosci.
Beneath this is a listing of all competitors who did not finish the race, in descending order of km completed before withdrawal. Note: The 'inclement weather' course is used as a backup measure when adverse whether conditions necessitate the stoppage of the race at the Charlotte Pass car park. Without the return trip to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko, this course is about 19km shorter than the 'summit course'.

Number Year Name Sex Time Position Gender
12008Tim CochraneM27:19:1811
22008Jo BlakeM27:38:3422
32008Phil MurphyM28:49:2333
42008Wayne GregoryM30:10:4344
52008Kevin HeatonM30:41:5655
62008Michael LovricM31:58:5766
72008Lachlan FraserM32:48:0577
82008Kerrie BremnerF33:08:0481
92008Rodney LadymanM33:56:2798
102014Andrew LaysonM34:13:002421
112008Tim TurnerM34:31:35109
122014Luc De Jaeger-BraetM34:34:002522
132014Matt ChamberlainM35:05:002623
142014Robert ScoinesM35:05:002724
152014Annabel HepworthF35:05:00284
162008Kim CookM35:05:301110
172013Kirrily DearF35:14:303210
182008Lisa SpinkF35:20:27122
192013Marina Brun-SmitsF35:22:333311
202014Brett RansonM35:28:002925
212014Cheryl SymonsF35:42:51305
222013David BillettM36:06:193423
232014Greg BrownM36:07:003126
242014Jo BlakeM36:15:003227
252013Andrew SewellM36:20:153524
262014Daragh O'LoughlinM36:25:303328
272008Marie DokeF36:27:18133
282014Matt FitzgeraldM36:39:003429
292013Frank FumichM36:45:133625
302013Alex NemetM36:45:133625
312014Raelene BendallF36:52:00356
322014Joon Kiat YeoM36:58:003630
332014Joe WardM37:24:003731
342014Adam ConnorM37:35:003832
352013Jan HerrmannM37:50:333827
362008Allison LilleyF38:00:58144
372013Tomotaka KameiM38:16:323928
382014Jan HerrmannM38:18:003933
392013Robert SuttonM38:33:474029
402008Glenn LockwoodM39:17:281511
412013Andy BowenM39:38:004130
422014Larissa TichonF39:40:00407
432013Rob DonkerslootM39:47:574231
442013Hendra WijayaM40:15:484332
452008Louis ComminsM40:29:041612
462014Marina Brun-SmitsF40:31:00418
472014Kurt TopperM40:47:004234
482013Joe WardM40:56:384433
492013Grant CampbellM41:03:074534
502008Jan HerrmannM41:26:001713
512013Billy PearceM42:26:404635
522008Brett SaxonM42:30:501814
532008David BillettM42:41:101915
542014Ray JamesMdnf at 208km.
552008Robert BoyceMdnf at 192km.
562014George MihalakellisMdnf at 189km.
572014Pam MustonFdnf at 183km.
582014Kevin MullerMdnf at 162km.
592008Travis WaythMdnf at 161km.
602008Andrew HewatMdnf at 153km.
612008Malcolm GambleMdnf at 148km.
622008Richard McCormickMdnf at 148km.
632014Jason WheelerMdnf at 148km.