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Final competitor newsletter

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Hello runners. I trust your final preparations are coming together and you are relishing all the excitement and anticipation that is associated with such an epic race. Coast to Kosci is a monumental undertaking and for first timers who may be feeling a little daunted by the challenge before them, I will offer this advice. Completing Coast to Kosci is a difficult task to get your head around, but it is like building a wall, you start with a solid foundation and just build it a brick at a time. So if you are shitting bricks now, that could be very useful.

I know there is a lot of information contained in this and the previous newsletter, but it is vital that you and your support crews read this information. This will enable the Competitor Briefing to be concise and ….well…. fairly brief.  

Pre-Race Dinner and Briefing

The dinner and briefing will be held at Eden Fisherman’s club on Thursday from 6:30pm. The buffet dinner will contain vegetarian and vegan options and will provide plenty of carbs.

I have endeavoured to impart as much information as possible in this and the previous newsletter to enable the briefing to be succinct so athletes may have a relatively early night.

Race Pack

Competitors race packs will be distributed at the pre-race dinner at Eden Fisherman’s Club

Support Car Race Number

Please display your race number on the right side rear window of your support car.

Access to Food, Water and Petrol en Route

Between the race start and Jindabyne there is little opportunity for crews to replenish supplies of food, water and petrol. Support crews should plan to be self reliant for the first 180km of the course.

It is imperative that support crews commence the race with a full tank of petrol. Service stations in Eden are open until 10pm for petrol and ice. Most crews will pass through Dalgety after closing time for all services.

The small general store at Cathcart (70km) will be open and has a small range of provisions, including ice.

Most crews will pass through Dalgety (148km) after closing time for all services.

Live Website Updates

Our C2K website guru, David Criniti (Cool Running’s Uncle Dave) will be updating runner progress throug out the race at  The more information Dave receives, the better this service will be for those keenly watching your progress from afar. If crews could please text or leave voice mail messages for Dave on 0411 438 344.

Additionally, any pics for the website can be emailed to Dave at

Public Telephones en Route

Mobile phone coverage on the course is patchy, although there is good reception at the summit of Mt Kosciuszko.

 There are public phones located at

  • Rocky Hall – approximately 50km, left side of road.
  • Cathcart - approximately 70km
  • Dalgety - approximately 148km
  • Jindabyne - approximately 183km (phone and shops approximately 1 km off the course)

Medical Assistance

We will have the assistance of ultra running emergency nurse Billy Pearce during the race. Billy will be joining the race late on Friday afternoon where he will be initially stationed at Dalgety. Billy will move to Charlotte Pass later in the race. Billy’s phone number is 0401 475 942.

Emergency Communications

There will be four satellite phones on the race for emergency communication only.
Phones will be in the possession of

  • Paul and Diane
  • Phil Murphy’s support crew (Scott and Chris) toward the front of the field. (The pressure is on Spud!)
  • Andrew Hewitt and Tim Turner’s support crew (Lisa and Blair) near the middle of the field.
  • Jan Herrmann’s support crew (Gabi) toward the rear of the field.

Support crew cars carrying the satellite phones can be recognised by the phone symbol ( on their support car race number.

Calls and SMS on the Satellite phones are charged at one pound of flesh from your first born per minute, so please only use them only when genuinely necessary.

Charlotte Pass to Mt Kosciusko and return to Charlotte Pass Finishline

When runners pass through Charlotte Pass en route to Mt Kosciuszko, they will be assessed by Billy. For this section of the course runners are required to be accompanied by a support runner and both be equipped with:

  • mobile phone
  • headlamp/torch
  • adequate food and fluids
  • wet weather and warm clothing
  • sunscreen during daylight hours

Runners and support crews returning from Mt Kosciuszko are required to check with the summit-bound competitors and report any problems to the organisers on return to Charlotte Pass.
In case of emergency runners and crews may shelter at Seaman's hut (6km from Charlotte Pass) and the new toilet/emergency shelter at Rawson's Pass (8km from Charlotte Pass). Runners and crews should be aware of the possibility of the race being terminated at Charlotte Pass should weather conditions preclude a safe ascent to Mt Kosciuszko.

All competitors and crews are required to dispose of rubbish responsibly throughout the event, with particular emphasis on Mt Kosciuszko National Park (including eliminating access to food supplies by ravens and currawongs at Charlotte Pass).
Support crews are encouraged to organise their car when approaching Charlotte Pass, so as to have satisfactory car, space, food, clothing, ready for their runner when they finish. You won’t want to be scrambling to organise these things when your runner has finished.

Post race Breakfast/Presentation

The post race breakfast and presentation will be held at Lake Jindabyne Hotel motel from 8am.

Those not booked into accommodation at the motel, but have indicated to us that they plan to attend breakfast, please pay $10 at the motel reception.  We have notified them of the numbers attending.

Runner and Driver Safety

Please drive conservatively when crewing. There is a lot of wildlife active on the roads at night, particularly wombats, wallabies, ultra runners and kangaroos. As a crew, there is no need to hurry. Ultimately, you will only reach Mt Kosciuszko as fast as your runner. 

Please ensure the support crew manages to get some sleep through the night.

When stopping on road verges at night be aware that long grass may obscure ditches, etc. If in doubt, check before you park.

Each support crew will be issued with at least one reflective vest (to be returned) to be worn when servicing runners at night.

Each crew will be issued with a CAUTION RUNNERS AHEAD sign to be displayed on their vehicle. Please return the sign at the completion of the race.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, all runners (including pacers) are required to wear a reflective vest and headlamp/torches during night hours.

Both runners and support crews are encouraged to wear light coloured clothing during night hours. 

The continued viability of Coast to Kosci is dependent on the safe behaviour of runners and support crews.

Richard Peacock Memorial Crew Award

In memory of Richard, who crewed for Paul on the first C2K events in 2004 and 2005. Richard performed an enormous amount of work critical to the development of the race including course surveying and administrative work.

The Richard Peacock Memorial Crew Award is presented to a support crew in acknowledgement of outstanding service in keeping with the spirit of Coast to Kosciuszko. 

If runners or crews wish to nominate an outstanding crew for this award, please let us know.

Race Retirement

In the event of a runner retiring from the race, they, or their support crew, are to contact Paul and Diane.

The information we require includes:

  • Are you and your support crew OK?
  • At what point and time did you retire from the race.
  • If your crew has a satellite phone in their possession, to whom are they passing it on.

Finisher’s Akubras

All first time finishers will receive an Akubra Hat and C2K hatpin. Could all returning finisher bring their Akubras for the group photo at the presentation.

We will see you all at Boydtown Beach for the sunrise dawn start on Friday.
Paul and Diane