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Photo Gallery

Enjoy browsing through some of the photos from Coast to Kosci. Soon, all photos from previous years will be migrated to this page.

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Danny Hooley. On debut.
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Glenn "Horrie" Lockwood...aiming for his first summit finish after conquering the inclement weather course in 2008.
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Jane 'Seris" Trumper; bringing sexy back to ultra running!
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Jo Blake...can he go one better than last year's second place?
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Kevin 'Brick' Heaton - can he make it a hat-trick of top 5 performances?
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Rodney 'Hermie' Ladyman. Hoping for his 3rd finish in '09.
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Wayne 'Bluedog' Gregory - the Zen Dog's new mindset could well take him to new heights in '09!
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Malcolm Gamble...aiming to turn the tables for his first finish after last year's dnf.
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Phil 'Spud' Murphy...everyone's favourite potato farmer has finished on the podium three times in the last three years. Can he make it four from four?
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Ray 'Eagle' James has more than 100 marathons to his name, and is a people's favourite in the '09 edition of C2K.
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Rick Cross could be a surprise packet in his debut C2K!
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Keith Hong looks like a mild mannered man, but is ready to spray some venom in the face of his grade 4 English teacher who once told him "You are too weak to be an athlete". He's on debut at the 2009 C2K.
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Andrew Vize will take Winston Churchhill's advice to get through C2K 2009 - if he's going through hell, he'll just keep going.
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C2K is the Ultra for Billy Pearce - everything else has just been a training run.
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Innes Smith has 3 pins holding his left hip together, after a break several months ago, but is determined to go better than his 2007 dnf, and chalk up a 36hr finish this year.
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Kelvin's been everywhere man...and Mr Marshall is back for his 2nd finish, after reaching the summit in 2005.
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Rob Hall might be tempted to stop in for an Amber Ale at Dalgety, but is still determined to make it to the summit on his first attempt in '09.
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Tim Turner just wants to get back before the pizza shop closes!
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He knows that the mountain will not go to Milov is going to the mountain.