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Photo Gallery

Enjoy browsing through some of the photos from Coast to Kosci. Soon, all photos from previous years will be migrated to this page.

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Kieron Blackmore is hoping to cap off a great year of running with a finish in his debut C2K.
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Seow Kong Ng is coming all the way from China to complete his first C2K.
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Can Jo Blake beat his own race record in 2010 and become the first man to go sub 26hrs at C2K?
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Moderation is mediocrity according to Branden Haywood. He'll be laying it all on the line in his debut C2K this year.
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Tamyka "Tanky" Bell has a lot of street cred - as well as 'trail cred'? in the ultra world - and we know she'll give C2K a good crack... and look good doing it.
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Sydneysider Geoff Evison's first and only goal is to finish his debut C2K in 2010.
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Nigel Waddington ran just over 19hrs at the Glasshouse 100 miler this year, we're keen to see what he can do at C2K.
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Tom Silk is out to enjoy his first C2K.
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Dave 'Speedy' Eadie has the speed - being a 29 minute man for 10k - and we're looking forward to seeing him going the distance in his C2K debut this year.
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Richard McCormick has toed the start line in 2005, 2007 and 2008. This year he's come get his hat!
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Marie Doke is hoping for a sub 35 hour finish in her 3rd C2K.
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David Baldwin will be happy with anything in the 30-36 hour range in his debut at C2K this year, but knows that anything can happen.
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Mal Gamble wants to finish far enough inside the cut off to give his crew a decent night's sleep. (Cutoff is at 3:30am on Sunday morning)
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Rick Cross hasn't stated a goal this year, but with a 41hr finish under his belt from last year, he knows what he's doing.