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Photo Gallery

Enjoy browsing through some of the photos from Coast to Kosci. Soon, all photos from previous years will be migrated to this page.

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Pam Muston won here in 2009 & has a second place from 2011. These wins give her 2 of the top 5 fastest female times in C2K history. Can she finish the 2012 edition back in the number 1 spot?
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Rick Cooke has come a long way since he succumbed to injury at the 170k mark last year, to post some great results this year, including a 24hr pb of over 226k in Poland. Now he's ready for round 2 against the unforgiving C2K course, and he's determined to come out of this one a victor!
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Kerrie Williamson is making her C2K debut in 2012, but comes with some serious ultras under her belt, including a recent 22:54 finish at this year's Glasshouse 100 miler. Best wishes for your first C2K Kerrie - hopefully your crew get to see the summit in daylight!
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Nic Moloney has been busy in 2012, with ultras at The North Face 100, Gold Coast 100k, Caboolture 12hr and the Glasshouse 100 miler. He's back for his 2nd crack at C2K in 2012 - can he give his 36:18pb a shake?
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Kieron Blackmore is a relative newby to the ultra scene. He succumbed in his first attempt at C2K in 2010 after doing his first Ultra at the much shorter 6 Foot Track earlier that year. He bounced back to finish in 2011, with a whole host of ultras under his belt by that stage. He's back in 2012 and aiming to climb the Strezleki monument on the way to his 2nd C2K finish this year.
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Michael West is making the trek from Perth to compete in his first C2K this year. It's been on his mind for a few years now & he's hoping to be a daytime finisher on his debut.
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Brett Saxon is back in 2012 hoping it'll result in his first full course finish. He finished on the shortened inclement-weather course in 2008 and crewed for the next couple years before falling short last year. Good luck this year Brett!
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Arnulf Riedl is treading a popular path from crew to runner at C2K, and is hoping to join the "daylight club" in his debut with a finish before Saturday's sunset.
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Roger Hanney is losing his C2K virginity in 2012 only days after returning from a gruelling trek through the wilds of Antarctica. He knows the course well after having crewed for Jane Trumper for the past 2 years. Good luck in your debut Roger!
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Keith Sullivan is another athlete hoping to join the "Daylight Club" in C2K 2012. A finish this year will also see him join another exclusive club - only 3 athletes aged 60 or over have finished C2K so far. Can Keith be number 4?
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Cassie Smith doesn't want to wait for the storm to pass - she'd rather dance in the rain. Always a good chance that may eventuate at C2K. Best wishes for your debut this year Cassie.
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Adam Stokes got a taste for C2K whilst crewing last year and is here to conquer the race himself in 2012. With a 17:02 finish at the recent Glasshouse 100 miler, he comes with good credentials. Best of luck Adam!
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Jo Blake is the man here at C2K. From his 3 starts, he's got two 1sts and a 2nd as well as the race record. Can he do it again in 2012?
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Peter Mullins (Chilli) knows the C2K course like the back of his hand, having crewed for the past 3 years. He's making his debut in 2012 and will relish the experience of being waited-on for a change, rather than being the waiter. :-)
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Kevin Muller comes to C2K with some good performances across a variety of distances this year. From a very credible 221k 24hr run, he also goes right down to the middle distance events, including a 2:16 800m performance earlier in the year.
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Greg Wallace wants to join the "Daylight Club" after a 43:33 finish in his C2K debut in 2011. Good luck for your 2nd C2K Greg!
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David Baldwin is back for C2K number 2 after a 5th place finish in 2010. He's hoping to beat his pb and sneak under 33 hours this year. Best wishes Dave.
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Adam French is coming all the way from Canada to race his first C2K this year. With half a dozen 100 milers to his credit, he's certainly got the experience.
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Ray James is a crowd favourite at C2K. A prolific runner, C2K 2012 will come after 17 marathons this year and 151 in total. A finish this year will also see Ray, 63, become C2K's oldest finisher.
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Rob Mason is back for his 3rd consecutive C2K, after a 39:57 in 2010 and a much faster 32:43 in 2011. He wants to improve on last year's time, which should see him well up the field of finishers at C2K 2012. Best wishes Rob.
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Trevor Allen hopes to go much faster in C2K on his 2nd time around. He made his debut last year in 42:57, and wants to finish this year in a sub 40 hour performance. His 2012 performances over all distances from 5k (18:25) to 24hrs (208km) certainly indicate he's got the potential to do this.
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Damien Smith has come off a podium finish in the gruelling Great North Walk 100 miler in November. Can he recover in time to repeat that feat at C2K?
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Jane Trumper has always been a crowd favourite at C2K. 2012 has been a stellar year for her, seeing her notch up her 100th marathon at Sydney in September as well as crossing the Simpson Desert earlier in the year. She's aiming to finish her 4th consecutive C2K this year.
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Bernadette Benson is making her C2K debut in 2012.
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Ewan Horsburgh - We're stoked to have last year's champ back to defend his title. He won't have it all his own way though, but is looking forward to trying to "run a couple minutes faster each hour than last year" and taking it up to record-holder Jo Blake in the process. Can he do it?
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Ron Schwebel has two C2K finishes to his credit already, and is looking forward to adding to that this year. Returning from Antarctica just days before the start, he'll have his work cut out for him, but the popular Sydney Striders runner has never been one to shy away from a challenge. Go Ron!
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Sharon Scholz is a former record holder here at C2K - her pb of 32:14:32 from 2010 meaning she's still one of the favourites for the 2012 race. Best wishes for your 3rd C2K Sharon!
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Shane SImpson had a tough time of it in his C2K debut in 2011, finishing in 43:16 after an injury-riddled preparation. This year he's hoping to go sub-40. Good luck Shane!
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Kevin "Brick" Heaton, at the time of uploading (5 Dec, 2012) is in equal second place with Philip Murphy, on our "most C2Ks" list - having accrued 5 completions. Phil isn't racing this year, but our leader, Jan Herrmann (6 finishes) is, so we're really looking at an interesting race as to who will be the first 10 time finisher. Good luck Kev!
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57 year old Gary Pickering is a first timer at C2K, but comes with a few interesting ultras under his belt, including the Marathon de Sables. Good luck Gary!
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4 time finisher Allison Lilley is back for more, and looking like having a cracker after some great runs this year including a 203km 24hr race in Poland and a pb of 27.43 at the recent Great North Walk 100 miler. Here she is in her unconventional racing kit :-)
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Malcolm Brown is aiming to complete his first C2K this year, but brings with him a wealth of ultra experience, including 100 mile finishes at Glasshouse and Cromwell, NZ. Best wishes Malcolm!