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Documentary crew to film 2009 Coast to Kosci.

This year’s record field of entrants in the Coast to Kosci will be sharing the 246 kilometre course with a film crew who are making a short documentary, bringing this extraordinary race to the world.

Director Sue Swinburne and Producer Meg Carlsen will be following a small group of runners taking part in Australia’s longest road race. As well as capturing a race set amongst some of the country’s most iconic landscape, Meg and Sue are also hoping to capture the spirit and determination of the long distance runner.

“Talking to runners about their favourite event led us to think about filming Coast to Kosciuszko. And speaking with race director Paul Every convinced us. Paul’s dedication to ultrarunners permeates this event and it’s easy to see why it has such a devoted following.”

The project’s website is at The filmmakers are calling on the support of the running community to get the film made: they’ve raised half the budget so far, but still have a way to go. If you’d like to back this project, donations can be made the website or by emailing

Coast to Kosci will be one of three short films to be made over the next 8 months, each of which will tell very different stories about running. What they all have in common is a celebration of the will and determination of distance runners – and an exploration of how that determination can profoundly change how we think about ourselves. The films will be shown online and at festivals, but Sue Swinburne will also be working with ultrarunner and scientist Dr Martin Fryer to develop the films as a package for use in Australian high schools. “The runners in our films are ordinary people who achieve amazing things through running. I’m looking forward to showing young people these stories, in the hopes that they look beyond the limitations they perceive in their lives, and to see what can achieved by anyone with the will to try.”

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